Direct Deposit

Get paid fast and safely!

Direct Deposit is the safe and easy way to automatically deposit your paycheck into your First Californian Checking or Savings Account. Choose Direct Deposit and enjoy the benefits.

Direct Deposit Benefits:

  • Receive peace of mind and instant access to funds
  • Receive your paycheck, Social Security payment, or pension payment automatically, even if you’re sick or away on business or vacation
  • Build your savings effortlessly by having a portion of your paycheck deposited into any of your savings accounts
  • Reduces the risk of ID theft or mail fraud with no lost or stolen checks by mail
  • Save time – Eliminate the need of making an extra trip to cash your paycheck
  • Online access to funds available via Online Banking

Enroll Now!

To enroll in Direct Deposit through your employer, please complete and print this form Direct Deposit Sample Check and give it to your payroll office. This form is to make sure you provide them with the First Californian ABA Routing Number, 324078640, your Checking or Savings Account Number and Account Type (Checking or Savings).

To sign up for recurring deposit of your Social Security payment, call the Social Security Administration at (800) SSA-1213, or visit the Go Direct website to sign up online for direct deposit of Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), VA Compensation and Pension, and other federal benefit payments.


Here are some questions you may ask about Direct Deposit:

Am I required to sign up for Direct Deposit?

No, Direct Deposit is optional, however, it is highly recommended. If you prefer, you can continue to receive a paper check for your salary or other recurring checks.

How does Direct Deposit help minimize risk?

Direct Deposit is a secure transaction. Unlike paper checks that may be susceptible to check fraud, or can be lost or stolen, Direct Deposit ensures that your paycheck or recurring deposit is deposited via secure electronic transaction.

What is the fee for Direct Deposit?

There is no fee for choosing Direct Deposit. The service is complementary to First Californian members.

Payroll Deduction

Put your loan payments on “autopilot.” Get your loan payments automatically deducted from your paycheck. It’s a convenient way to make those payments on time and without worry. Just let us know which loan to pay and when, and we will make it happen.

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