Rebate or Zero Percent Financing

With all the financing offers, financing your next vehicle can be confusing or difficult to decide what is best for you.

Trying to decide between 0% financing and a manufacturer’s rebate can be tricky. Although 0% financing sounds like a great deal, you may benefit more by choosing the manufacturer’s rebate, combined with First Californian’s low-interest rate auto loan.

When comparing financing options, always review the numbers in detail before deciding, or ask one of our knowledgeable loan officers for advice. Take a look at the comparison table below, or calculate the savings yourself and see how choosing First Californian may reduce your monthly payments.

Compare the Numbers

Loan Term: 48 Months 0% Financing First Californian
APR: 0.00% 2.99%*
Purchase Price: $20,000 $20,000
Manufacturer’s Rebate: $0 $2,000
Amount to Finance: $20,000 $18,000
3 Year Total Interest Paid: $0.00 $1,210
Approx. Monthly Payment: $375 $398
Total Payments of: $20,000 $19,210
First Californian Financing Saves You: $880

Calculations are rounded to the nearest dollar.Example assumes $2,000 manufacturer rebate applied to $20,000 purchase price.

*Annual Percentage Rate (APR) reflects best rate with an active First Californian checking account. Rates are determined by amount financed, credit history, and term of loan. Some restrictions apply. Rates subject to change.

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